Composite Fillings

Wouldn’t you rather have white fillings? Silver amalgam has served as a filling material for teeth since the 1840s, but technology has advanced to where we can place white fillings on back teeth.

Advantages of White Fillings

  • They require less removal of tooth structure. In order to be strong enough, silver amalgam fillings have to be at least two millimeters deep, and all weakened tooth structure needs to be removed. Because white fillings are bonded to the teeth, the weak and undermined tooth structure can be left alone, and there is no minimum depth required.
  • They are more comfortable. They don’t conduct heat and cold the way metal fillings do, and in the bonding process, the sensitive part of the tooth is sealed, so there is less sensitivity.
  • They don’t detract from your smile. When you are laughing or having fun, people can usually see you back teeth. It is much more attractive for people to see white on your back teeth instead of black.

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