Dental Digital X-Rays

Are dental x-rays safe?

A little known fact – most everyone, on a daily basis, is exposed to some degree of natural radiation within the environment. The good news is the degree of radiation exposure that you receive from a typical x-ray exposure (a full mouth series of x-rays) does not exceed the amount of radiation that a person receives during a full day, from natural sources.

In short – dental x-rays are safe. Moreover, Cosmetic Dentist We and our staff have been trained to observe the necessary precautions to limit your exposure during dental x-rays. This includes: using lead apron shields, and using fast exposure film to diminish the exposure time during each x-ray.

How often should dental x-rays be taken?

Depending on your specific dental needs, x-rays may need to be taken every visit. However, Cosmetic Dentist We will determine your exact need for x-rays, after he conducts a full review of your medical and dental history, taking into consideration the treatments you will be undergoing, signs and symptoms of periodontal disease or tooth decay, your age and additional risk factors.

Typically, We recommends a full mouth series of dental x-rays for all new patients. If not major changes have occurred, a full series can be good for up to three to five years. We recommend that Bite-wing x-rays (x-rays of both the top and bottom teeth biting together) during bi-annual dental check-ups.


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