Orthodontic Exposures

Orthodontic Exposures

The tooth will get stuck sometimes and does not come on its own. In these situations when teeth fail to erupt properly, they are called impacted. While impacted wisdom teeth are typically removed (since wisdom teeth are not necessary), other impacted teeth may need help to get them to erupt and grow in properly. Since early treatment is desirable to ensure the best outcome, surgical exposure of impacted teeth is often done to help children. At SCODE, we have a tremendous amount of experience in working with children. Even though exposure of impacted teeth is typically a simple surgical procedure, we understand the unique emotional challenges for young children and their families. That’s why Dr. Singh helps to foster a calm, supportive atmosphere. You can rest assured that your child will receive the very best care from a compassionate team of professionals who are dedicated to making the experience as easy as possible.

How is an impacted tooth exposed?

Orthodontic exposures of impacted teeth often requires a team effort between an oral surgeon and an orthodontist. Dr. Singh will work closely with your orthodontist to develop the most effective treatment plan for your child. The treatment will vary for each patient according to his or her needs and may include simple exposure of the tooth, the removal of baby teeth or extra teeth that may be blocking the eruption, and the attachment of brackets and wires designed to guide the tooth into proper position. In some cases, an orthodontist will use braces to first create a space for the impacted tooth to occupy once it has erupted. Laser and Peizo surgery unit are used to keep post operative discomfort to a minimum level. Dr. Singh will discuss all the details with you and answer any questions you may have about your specific situation.

What should I expect with Orthodontic Exposures of teeth?

In most cases, Orthodontic Exposures of impacted teeth is a simple surgical procedure that can be performed in our offices with the patient comfortably sedated. Dr. Singh will meet with you to discuss all the details of your procedure and answer any questions you may have before treatment.

How do I get started with Pre-Prosthetic Surgery?

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