Pre-Prosthetic Surgery

Pre-Prosthetic Surgery

A patient needs an oral prosthesis sometimes of such as full or partial dentures, a minor surgical procedure may be needed in order to prepare the mouth before placing the prosthesis. It’s very important that dentures fit properly within the mouth in order to maximize effectiveness and comfort. When necessary, Dr. Singh can perform Pre-Prosthetic Surgery to smooth bone, reshape the bone ridge or make other adjustments in the mouth in preparation for dentures.

Why is Pre-Prosthetic Surgery necessary?
Ideally, the bone ridge in your mouth would be smooth, as well as the perfect size and shape so that dentures will fit well. In reality, for some patients, that’s simply not the case. If a tooth was extracted, the bone ridge might be sharp and uneven underneath. There may be excess bone that needs to be removed, or impacted teeth may need to be uncovered. In some cases, the bone ridge might need to be shaved and reshaped. Dr. Singh can perform a number of simple procedures to make sure that your mouth is a perfect match for your dentures.


  • Removing excess bone
  • Reshaping bone
  • Smoothing bone
  • Removing excess gum tissue
  • Bone ridge reduction
  • Exposing impacted teeth

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