Carmine Catena, Australia
Great service. I’m very satisfied. I will recommend you to all my friends.

Debbie & Manoj Kundanmal,Sri Lanka
A most wonderful experience. Doctors did an amazing work on my husband and me .We shall come back for more dental work on our next visit to Delhi. Here’s hoping to see them in Sri Lanka.

Ratna Kothari, Ahmedabad
Thousands of thanks for changing my SMILE. Now I smile more often & I thank you both for the entire process of this big proud smile.

Cathy Thomas, UAE
My sincere & profound gratitude to Dr. Anurag and Dr. Meghna Singh for their patient and wonderful work on the implantation of my teeth. Your hospitality is alsoremarkable. May God bless you and may many more experience your healing touch to bloom and smile always with the wonderful teeth you set.

Dr. S.K Jain, U.K.
Dr. Singh was very professional & thorough with his treatment. I can highly recommend him.

Andrzey Dorozinski, Poland/ Europe
My first and last impression is absolutely positive. If you have to see a dentist come to SCODE.

Olga Da Silva, Barcelona, Spain
Definitely very professional attendance and efficient help. Im very pleased I have found this peace . Thank You so much.

Rishi Khandelwal, Norway
Efficient and good dentist team.

Howard and Marilyn Revell, New Delhi
We have had excellent advice , care and attention from Dr. Anurag & Dr. Meghna and we are looking forward to a long and successful relationship with our new implants and crowns. We would also like to mention their personal attention and flexibility with appointments has been overwhelming.

Karine & Matt, Belgium
You really know how to put a smile on my face. Love it.

Divya Singh, New Delhi
Its like dream coming true!! Never thought of having aligned and beautiful teeth that too just in two weeks. Feeling great. Just want to thank Dr. Meghna and Dr. Anurag for being so kind, polite and rendering tender care. Thanks to you both for making my smile better. Written totally out of gratitude Thanking you

Sneha Choudhary, New Delhi
Its been a lovely experience. I am happy with the work done on my tooth. Both Dr Mehgna and Dr Anurag are very amicable, great at their work. Overall a very nice staff. Will surely recommend more people to this. Thanks a lot

Annjo Joy, London
It was a very nice experience. Was too tensed about loosing the front tooth which I got so comfortable with. But you have been a great help Dr Meghna & really took care of me. Really thank you for giving me the new smile & would always wish & prayer everyone’s well being in the clinic. Thanks again

Asheya & Malalei Sardar, New Mexico, U.S.A
We came all the way from U.S with my mom to get dental work done. We found Dr. Anurag Singh and Dr. Meghna through Max and we are glad we did! We got a lot of work done and we are happy with all of it. But most of all the Implants! They are cheap, simple and painless. Thank you for that! We might come back to finish some of the work done. Thank you for taking caring of us SCODE team Sincerely

Ritu Verma, Sydney, Australia
I am lucky to have a doc like you. Thanks to operate me and bring that lovely smile on my face. Finally I can eat all that tasty stuff which I have ever missed just because of my problem, Thank you so very much Dr Anurag Singh Dr Meghna Singh.

Aakansha Raizada, New Delhi
Thank you for being my fairy godmother after having the longest (read: bad) relationship with several dentists, I had given up hope of having the perfect smile. Not anymore! I have the perfect smile, thanks to you guys! Thank you once again for giving me one of the most happy days of my life. Lots of love & smiles!!!!

Dr. Ammar Mohmad, Tripoli, Libya
Thank you, for SCODE team. Thank you Dr. Anurag Singh, Dr Meghna Singh, Dr Rinku, thank you for everybody their Nice to know you. Everybody there is very kind. Dr Anurag, Dr Meghna GOOD LUCK and happy live with your family. Thank you.

Vincent Kibwe Gombe, Nigeria
My name is Vincent Kibwe. It is my first time to visit this dental hospital. I am very happy and in the future, I promise to visit again. Thank you for every thing

Mr Pyarelal Jat, Dubai, U.A.E
Your service is very good. Now I am feeling very good. Whatever promise you do, you deliver also. Thank you Dr Meghna, Dr Anurag, Dr Rinku. Thanks & Best Regards.

Mr Michael Huntington, U.S.A
Dr Singh and his staff are great. I had implants put in my lower jaw in less than half an hour and totally pain less. Very efficient in his work and excellent ambience of the dental surgery.

Triona Duignan, Ireland
I would highly recommend everyone to come here. This is the first dentist I have trusted ONE HUNDRED percent. Staff were all very friendly and gave great service. I will definitely come back again. You have a great team .Keep up the amazing work. Dr Meghna was great, always smiling and putting me at ease and also Dr Anurag Singh was very professional. Thank you, thanks a million. Kindest regards

Carole Smith, U.K.
IV Sedation session was brilliant. Staff was very caring. Overall much appreciable treatment and care in which it was given.

Sunday B. Rogo & Family, Nigeria
Doctors Anurag and Meghna and indeed all staff of the clinic are exceptionally gifted, polite and kind. You are chosen by god to return smiles to the faces of depressed and shy persons. We are glad to benefit from your rare professional experience. Keep it up please. Wish you many more years of successful service to humanity.

Angelina, Tibet
I truly feel that I am fortunate to come across Dr ANURAG & Dr MEGHNA for my dental treatment expert hands. I specially felt very safe with Dr Meghna & Dr Anurag Thank you! Overall an awesome family! Awesome treatment! Compassionately,

Neeraj Aggarwal, New Delhi
My search for a dental clinic began online, after having a horrifying first experience of a root canal with pain. I was scared of ” dentistry “. Came to SCODE after seeing that they do procedures under Sedation. But with Dr Meghna & Dr Anurag I didn’t have to undergo sedation for most of the procedures except for my extractions where come what may I was just not able to shake off my first experience. To top it all I leave SCODE with a new smile…a new Confident smile. I truly had a pain free experience. Dr Anurag & Dr Meghna, you brought my smile a new meaning. May I comment on one more thing : their song selection that runs in the background is truly amazing. Hope to continue living in touch as I have no wishes to go to anybody else for my regular check ups.

Marty Melbourne, Australia
My search for a reputable dentist in India began on the internet. Of all websites I came across none which was more professional than that of SCODE. The gallery of pictures provided me with a firsthand view of the clinic. The website also provided a thorough resume of Dr Singh. The fact that Dr Singh is a fellow member of Australian Dental association and also is a trained Maxillofacial Surgeon increased my confidence in SCODE tremendously. The team at SCODE work united to achieve client satisfaction.Dr Anurag Singh, Dr Meghna Singh and the dental nurses provided me with the utmost care and quality of service.

Ruth Fernandez Manchester, U.K.
I was very pleased with my experience at SCODE. I love the décor of the office, the staff are so helpful. I want to thank Dr. Singh for being the most gentle dentist, being incredibely patient, and doing fabulous and wonderful work.

Passang D. Mayang, Colorado, USA
I found SCODE the best dental clinic I have ever been for my teeth treatment. Thank you Dr. Meghna Singh & Dr. Anurag Singh for your kindness and also for adjusting appointment as per request. From now onwards, I and my wife would like to come here for our treatments. Thank You.

Ujwal Madhav, Delhi
Warm & pleasant clinic not just with good teeth & competent team but also a good living environment with fumers & flowers & sufi music. The best part is to view the level of understanding and personal care and explanation of issues and problems.Wishing you best wishes for your efforts to make people smile with confidence.

Asha Luthra
Clean place, good professional service, pleasant surrounding, helpful team . Have had a pleasant experience.

Amit Padhiar, London
Fantastic Service and treatment . Lovely staff and dentists, recommend them to everyone. I will be flying to delhi for all my future treatments.

I flew 19 hours from the USA to engage the services of Dr. Singh – a bright, young, top-notch, professional who has been very well-trained.

Greg Chumbley, Atlanta, Georgia USA.
Dr. Singh & his terrific staff are on par with the best dental clinics in the world especially the U.S. , but at lower prices and much more personal attention. I not only recommend Dr. Singh but I “Guarantee” that your experience with him will be to your complete satisfaction.  Thank you for treating me like a family. I really enjoyed the time with them and will miss them greartly.

Isaac Denny, New Zealand
After reading some online blogs I decided to come see the team at SCODE. I was very impressed by the faculties and the friendly staff. I am extremely happy with results. I only wish SCODE would open a franchise in New Zealand.

Thank You for changing my smile and helping me to laugh again. Now I can laugh out loud. Thanks to Dr. Anurag and Dr. Meghna.

Diane Quaadman, Chicago, Illinois, U.S.A
I find SCODE to be a lovely, modern facility and in a very good area in New Delhi. Dr. Meghna prepared and affixed veneers to my teeth. She is a perfectionist. I have already forgotten about the dental problem that I walked in the door with.

Lina, Sweden
I love my new smile! After being dissatisfied with my teeth for a while now this procedure has certainly changed things for the better. Beautiful clinic, kind doctor and attentive staff.

Kind Regards, Laura, Britain.
I’m really happy with my new white smile. The staff are really lovely here, very warm and friendly. The procedure was done quickly and efficiently. I was very well looked after. An extremely comfortable clinic.

Madeleine Purvis, London, U.K.
Thanks very much for Zoom Whitening Treatment. Staff were very professional and informative. The clinic is great. Thanks again.

Raji Ramanan, New Delhi
Thank you for the gentle and healing touch. Your kindness just enhances the recuperation.

Joan Venghaws, Ireland
A very pleasant experience. I had 3 implants put in. Professional staff. I will recommend Dr. Singh to my friends. I plan to come back for further treatment.

Ashna Khanna, New Delhi
It was an awesome experience. A big thank you . I have a good smile because of them.

Dr. Bhavna Khokhar, Delhi
Lucky to have you, so nicely you treated me. Im very thankful to you, that you brought a great smile.

Leslie Samuel, England
To go to a dentist and feel absolutely no pain. The service and kindness by the staff was excellent and I would recommend everyone to come for treatment.

luis Simonetti, Australia
Thank you Dr. Anurag. It has been a pleasure to be treated by you. Your service has been on time and on budget. I hope I can more often be in India to be assessed by you.

Dr. Rita Leavell, U.S.A.
Thank you for the professional and personal  courtesy. The staff and the assistants were also very efficient & the best part was pain management, attention to good oral hygiene and a patient hearing to the patients’ concerns and complaints. Dr. Anurag and Dr. Meghna have become our family dental surgeons.

Regards, Sofia Safdary, Canada
Im so grateful to you guys for your support and treatment done for us. I have had my best experience coming, meeting such wonderful and professional people. I hope you can come to Canada and be our guest. I will definitely recommend my friends and families.

I would like to thank you and your team for your hospitality and extensive treatment. I love my smile now thanks for making it possible. You went beyond your way to accommodate us by finding us place and referring to other doctors. I would highly recommend your clinic to my friends and family. Will miss you all. Love you and your team.

Regards, Sadeq, Sydney , Australia.
Thank you for the job done for me and my wife. I highly recoomend SCODE to all patients and visitors. Best dentists in the world. Wish them best luck in the future.

Shweta, Melbourne
Pain & suffering bought me to Dr. Anurag. His attention, care, & skillful surgery were commendable. I am ready to go back to Melbourne- fit and fine. It was a great experience- to be treated by doctor.

Kirsten Sellars
Thank you so much for the excellent treatment. Its very much appreciated Best wishes

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